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Shoe Lovin’ Saturdays: Weigh-In #3

One of THOSE Days

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February is National Heart Healthy Month

Ever have one of those days where absolutely nothing is going right? For me today is that day.

It’s Saturday it’s weigh-in day, a cause for celebration right? Wrong! I allowed myself to sleep in until 8 a.m. this morning, this was my first mistake but I don’t find this out until later.

I hop in the shower then pad out to the kitchen to weigh myself. “155 pounds” the scale says and I begin deliriously hopping around saying stuff like “wow, unbelievable, it can’t be so.” My joy is short-lived though as I crash down to reality and that reasonable voice in my head tells me, number 1 to “move the scale away from the wall” and number 2 to “get on it again.” So I do and now it’s saying I’m “161.2 pounds” so to keep everything fair I get on for another reading and 161.2 seems to be the winner – ugh!

I lost a whopping 1.4 pounds and I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. Not to be dissuaded I decide I’m going to post a picture of me and my weight loss. So I try to take a picture of myself using the camera’s timer on the tripod however I kept videotaping instead so I’m yelling at the camera while it’s taping and in a fit of disgust I just put it away.

In view of being camera challenged I will not be able to post a weight loss picture today but rest assured I will get the hang of this to provide a visual on my progress.

It’s now 9:30 and my little fur kid (Mollie) has been patiently waiting for me to take her outside so I get us ready and head outdoors. Woo Hoo about 1 foot of snow greets us and now I’m just ticked as I’m trudging through this mess for Mollie to do her business. She gets done and we’re headed to the garbage bin across the parking lot where I almost slip and fall because there is ice under the snow and my scatter-brained dog is tugging on the leash.

Dirty Laundry: Dl Vixen Patent Color: New Nude $44.99
Dirty Laundry: Dl Vixen Patent

Back inside the apartment it’s now almost 10, I still haven’t had my first cup of coffee, breakfast or my daily bible reading and I have to prepare for the monthly meeting I attend in downtown Pittsburgh. I’m about to have a panic attack because it seems time is getting away from me. “Why didn’t I get up at 5?” that sensible voice screams inside my head.

That’s about when the phone starts ringing and it’s a couple of my friends (who also attend the meeting) telling me that other attendees aren’t able to make it because para-transit service was cancelled due to the snow. After many back and forth phone calls and my narrow escape from biting the ice I decide to cancel my trip. But all this hardly matters now because my schedule has gone kaput and I’m already wound up.

Nine West: Illumie Off White Leather $37.99
Nine West: Illumie

So here I sit all cozy, warm, stressed and thoroughly sick of winter I want it gone already. How can I possibly talk about shoes when I have to wear boots?

Oh well…in view of the weight I’ve gained and now have to lose, what do I do to camouflage my current poundage? I wear a lot of black because it’s slimming but did you know that nude shoes are also slimming? Well they are, additionally you’ll appear taller, leaner and they go with everything in your wardrobe.

Audrey Brooke Flats DSW
Audrey Brooke

I’ve always liked nude heels because they adapt so well with everything in my closet. So it was with skepticism that I went in search of lower heeled nude shoes and to my astonishment I found some that I can work. Pictures of these shoes are throughout this post and I’ve provided a description of each below. Flats are the last pair that I’ve had for a couple of years but they are so darn cute and comfortable I thought I’d add them to the mix. While flats may not give the same appearance of height that heels do when you wear them with a skirt, dress or shorts knee-length or higher you can still achieve this illusion.

  • Dirty Laundry’s Dl Vixen Patent Leather d’Orsays 2.5 inch heels in New Nude color were bought from at $44.99
  • Nine West’ Illumie Off White Leather 1-3/4 inch heels from were $37.99
  • Audrey Brooke Flats from DSW have a fabric flower pouf on top of the shoe. The color closely resembles the New Nude of the Dirty Laundry DI Vixen.

Have a great weekend!!

“It’s our hearts and brains that we should exercise more often. You can put on all the makeup you want, but it won’t make your soul pretty.” ~Kevyn Aucoin

2 thoughts on “Shoe Lovin’ Saturdays: Weigh-In #3

  1. I don’t remember you saying you slept in til 8. I like the high heel shoes; but no can do with wearing them. Gosh just looking at them and I lose my balance.

    1. Yeah, I was exhausted after the grandbaby left yesterday. The higher heels are really only about 2-1/2 inches although the website where I got them said they were 3 inches (they are shorter). The second pair are even shorter.

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