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Ooh la la…

Shop Doorbusters for Your Sweetie…

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February is National Heart Healthy Month

…Was in the subject line of the Kohl’s email. I couldn’t resist rolling my eyes with a disgusted sigh at the thought of Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Then a distant memory from the past materialized that made me smile.

In the dating days of my youth if I felt my “boyfriend of the hour” wasn’t treating me well instead of getting even I would get inside their head. Sending flowers to oneself with an unsigned, vague message like “can’t get you out of my mind” was an effective tool to get “said boyfriend’s” attention.

Jennifer Lopez Skinny Jeans
Jennifer Lopez Skinny Jeans

Okay, so it might have been a little catty and immature but hey, it worked and since I purchased what I liked I was able to thoroughly enjoy the lovely bouquets. As a matter of fact I enjoyed them so much so that I continued the practice to give myself a lift every now and again.

Apt. 9 Essential Solid Tee
Apt. 9 Essential Solid Tee

So when I got the Kohl’s email this morning for the briefest of moments, I felt a little dejected at my self-imposed singleness. Then when I recalled the joy I felt at receiving flowers I sent to myself it reminded me that even in singleness we too can celebrate Valentine’s Day. What better way to do this than to schedule a day of pampering with friends at a local spa or getting together for lunch (which just happens to be my plan).

Croft and Barrow Solid Cardigan - Petite
Croft and Barrow Solid Cardigan – Petite

I don’t know what was on my mind when I made a vow not to buy any clothes but just for giggles I went online to Kohl’s and pretended to buy an outfit I would wear tomorrow. I was able to put together a pair of jeans, top and cardigan for under $65.00 which earns me $10 in Kohl’s cash to spend on a future visit (they want to keep us coming back). Following are the product descriptions and suggestions on how to wear:

  • Apt. 9® Essential Solid Tee Color: Moon Rock Sale $8.99 Original $18.00. The color Moon Rock is in the beige family and would look real nice when worn with a pair of nude pumps with kitten heels and handbag.
  • Croft & Barrow® Solid Cardigan – Petite Color: Barely Pink Sale $18.00 Original $36.00. I chose a pink cardigan to go with wear my pink jewelry (necklace and earrings) and silver bracelets in honor of Valentine’s Day. This soft shade of pink will go nicely with the Tee and I’d probably push up the sleeves to about 3/4 length to achieve a more casual look.
  • Jennifer Lopez Skinny Jeans Color: London Sale $36.99 Original $54.00. At the moment these jeans are just a dream until I get down to my goal weight. The color London is a shade of black which provides a nice contrast for the pink, and beige.

Kohl’s happens to be one of my favorite places to shop for clothes, jewelry and household items. They have awesome sales and free shipping on orders over $75. So if any of the items I described appeal to you or you want to check out sale offerings the “3-Day Valentine’s Doorbusters Ends” tomorrow so don’t delay.

Happy pre-Valentine’s Day!!

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”
~William Shakespeare, Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, 1595

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  1. It’s so nice to dream. I’m a little short on cash/checking acct; so that’s all I can do is dream.

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