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Trending Tuesdays: Attention Seeking Red

Red is…

Image of a heart drawn with crayon
February is National Heart Healthy Month

Red is fiery, strength, power, determination, passion, desire and love. Remember how last week I talked about red and how I was initially timid to use it within my wardrobe because I didn’t think I could carry off?

I think now I understand why I had such misgivings. The color red is all those things I mentioned but it is also the color that extroverts prefer. Being an introvert at heart, I now think that my fear was tied to receiving attention and appearing fake.

Introverted I am, but I’m also extremely passionate about morals, values and causes close to my heart. Once I came to this conclusion, I added a little “fake it until you make it” to the recipe and confidence was the natural result.

Bright red oversized fedora hat
Bright red oversized fedora hat

You might be thinking “using a white cane or a guide dog gets me enough attention why do I need more?” And you may have a point, but there’s a difference between the curious stares brought about from using the tools we need to live independently and the admiration that comes from the confidence that says “I’m sexy and I know it.” Yes, it’s true blind and vision impaired people can be sexy.

Bright red two-tone cat eye sunglasses
Bright red two-tone cat eye sunglasses

You may have thought about adding some red to your closet for similar or very different reasons than mine and you too shied away from it. I get that, but have you considered adding just a tiny bit for a morale booster?

Notched stretch belt. Featuring faux leather front with buckle closure
Notched Stretch Belt

Red accessories, like a cute little clutch, scarf, shoes or jewelry can enhance your outfit without being overkill. Red lipstick and nail polish are examples of how you can make major impact with just a pop of color.

Sole Society - Ankle strap flats - Alyse - Beet
Sole Society
Ankle strap flats – Alyse – Beet

The color contrast between red and black is so vibrant you only need a bit to make a statement. Wearing a pair of red flats, black slacks, white tee shirt and grey flyaway cardigan will get noticed. Put on a mixed assortment of bracelets (bangles and/or cuffs), pendant necklace, drop earrings and a small handkerchief scarf tied at the neck you’ll be ready to take on the world.

Red Silver-Tone Oval Earrings JC Penney
Red Silver-Tone Oval Earrings
JC Penney

Or how about a black skirt, crisp white shirt open at the neck to reveal a chunky statement necklace, wide red belt, understated earrings and black kitten heels? If you’re really daring try a bright red hat with your outfit. Personally, I couldn’t wait to turn 50 and join the Red Hat Society although I’ve yet to sign up. The point is the possibilities of incorporating red are endless.

Ta ta for now, off to the gym.

“Beauty — in projection and perceiving — is 99.9% attitude.”  ~Grey Livingston

5 thoughts on “Trending Tuesdays: Attention Seeking Red

  1. Sherri here’s the website: Yeah, it’s always appealed to me because it began as a small group of women over 50 and small thrift store. They now have over 40,000 chapters worldwide and their signature colors are red and purple. I have a little “red hat” lady figurine that my mother gave me a few years back and I’ve named her Stunning Stella. I’ll have to post a picture of her here this month.

  2. Red Hat Society? Can’t say that I ever heard of this.

  3. I have always loved red on myself, but like you Steph, I am an introvert and I always feel like red is a huge “Look at Me” sign over my head. Recently, I have begun to add pieces of red, like a red shoe, bag or cardigan. Great post!

    1. Really Glenda, you an introvert?? In reading your blog and seeing your videos and fantabulous outfits I never would have pegged you for an introvert. But then I have people telling me the same thing lol. Red is a gorgeous color and I especially like red shoes.

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