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Athletic Wear

Weight Loss Plan of Attack

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February is National Heart Healthy Month

Last Wednesday I said that I would do 6 things in an effort to get healthy. Following are the updated statuses on the items:

  1. Joined Weight Watchers online.
  2. Talked with my brother about developing a personalized exercise regimen.
  3. Ordered a talking scale from Maxiaids.
  4. Opened and tried to use the Zumba Fitness for Wii. (This was a disaster).
  5. Since Saturday I have been cooking dinner every day.
  6. I’m giving updates on my status and will continue to do so.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I’m a creature of habit and I require structure and organization or I just cannot function. Weight Watchers online is a good tool although it does take some time to navigate the site but I’ve got the main areas down to a science.

Image of 4 women in Fabletics active wear

My weight on Saturday was 166 pounds (I was thinking it was closer to 180 but I’ll take this). I was able to plug-in my weight and body measurements so that the system can track my progress. Inputting daily intake of 3 meals, water, fruits/vegetables, healthy oils, milk, vitamins and activities such as walking, running, weight training, etc. is a great way to keep up to speed on where you stand.

Weight Watchers online is a personalized points based system where each food and drink is assigned a PointsPlus® value. What makes PointsPlus® unique is that it takes into consideration not just your food consumption but also your activities.

VAASA Tank Top

I start off each day with 26 points and as I add meals, drinks and/or snacks, the point value of these foods is subtracted from the total. In addition to the daily 26 points each week everyone on Weight Watchers online has 49 extra points to use as they please.

While trying to use Zumba Fitness was less than stellar (it was more of a complete bust), I feel comfortable checking this item off my list. When I said yesterday that I can’t dance (pathetic I know) I was serious and couldn’t get past the first move.

An activity I knew was doable is walking, so in addition to taking Mollie on her daily walks I’ve subscribed to and used Leslie Sansone’s 3-Mile Mega Walk. Also, yesterday I logged 1 hour doing a brisk walk on the treadmill using the incline feature to burn extra calories.


A note of caution on treadmill if you’re new to vision loss, or unfamiliar with the machine, is to use great care to avoid falling and hurting yourself. My brother helped me on how to use the equipment and I held onto the bars for the longest time before I felt comfortable walking or running unassisted.

Today I plan to use the elliptical machine to give my knee joints a break while at the same time getting in my cardio. The elliptical is a low impact cardio-respiratory workout that will increase your total fitness. Since the elliptical gives me a complete body workout I don’t need to spend as much time exercising to get the results I want to achieve. Also, since your feet do not need to leave the pedals and you can hold onto the arms this is an added benefit for blind/vision impaired people.

The gym that I use in my apartment building is a small setting in which I feel very comfortable. We have 1 stationary bike, 2 treadmills, 1 elliptical and 1 universal gym for weight training.


Kate Hudson was on Rachel Ray’s show last week where she promoted an athletic apparel line she co-founded called Fabletics. The stylish apparel is half the cost of the competition and such that you can wear them throughout the day and not strictly just for exercising. Throughout this post are photos from Fabletics and descriptions are below:

  • VAASA Tank is real cute tank top with 6 thin straps that criss-cross across the back.
  • RELEVÉ is a 2-piece outfit consisting of the adjustable-hem Norwalk Tank and Salar Legging.
  • POINT is a 3-piece outfit that includes the Serena Pant (can be worn 2 ways: as a full pant or buttoned capri); Versital T and the oversized Kingston Sweatshirt.

Fabletics is like a resurgence of the book and music clubs of years past and while I can see the value in this type service, personally I prefer to buy when I want to and not because of a membership program. Right now I have plenty of C9 by Champion exercise capris and tops that I bought from Target over the past couple years and they suit me fine.

Remember: when you feel good you look good and this begins with a healthy lifestyle. This is such an important subject that the focus of Wednesdays will be health and fitness.

Do you have a regular workout routine? Please share by commenting below or you can send an email directly to me at

“Ride the energy of your own unique spirit.” ~Gabrielle Roth

2 thoughts on “Athletic Wear

  1. I use my treadmill everyday: some days 25 min then20 min later; or 3 15 min sessions after every meal total 45 min. This is recommended by my doctor (45 minutes at speed level2 is od). I read in my health and Nutrition magazine the 3 15 minutes after each meals is ideal. When working I use the 25 and 20 minutes which works. I also watch my diet: eat lots of fruit and vegetables and high fiber foods. I eat GrapeNuts cereal for break/luch and oatmeal for breakfast. Keep up the good work with Weight Watcherss.I also use 5 lb weights on my ankles and do leg lifts and hip/back strengthening exercises. UI use 3 lb weights for 1 arm/shoulder exercise and 4 lb weights for other arm /shoulder e xercises It takes time and endurance + I can do this to look healthier and more beautiful. It’s worth all the efforts.

    1. It is definitely worth the effort Sherri. I wish I would have practiced healthy habits all my life but I took a lot for granted and now it’s a struggle. I do feel so much better after a good workout though and when I eat right even my asthma doesn’t seem to bother me as much.

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