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I can’t dance

We live in a _____ world

Image of a heart drawn with crayon
February is National Heart Healthy Month

I read an article the other day written by Paul Edwards, a congenitally blind man, titled “Musings: Who is King?” In the article he talked about his observations on the differences between being completely blind vs. partially sighted.

We live in a (blank) world. I left the blank intentionally empty because there is always going to be a majority of (blank) people in the world. For blind vs. sighted one could say we live in a sighted world. For right-handed vs. left-handed one could say we live in a right-handed world and so on.

The point is this, it’s not a matter of who is king or queen, right or wrong we are who we are. As long as we wake up today we are alive and this alone is cause for celebration. We who are among the living have another opportunity to live today as we choose. How you choose is completely up to you.

I wish I could dance

I can’t dance, I can’t paint, I can’t play most sports and I don’t envy those who can. Quite the contrary I am so amazed at people who create masterpieces, people who are agile both physically and intellectually; people who can dance.

When I started losing my vision I perceived my world as shrinking. Socially I don’t get out as much and since losing my job having the stimulation of coworkers no longer exists. However simply by virtue of blogging my world has expanded and I am exposed to so many more creative people who I can’t help but feel blessed.

I suppose I could take dance lessons although when I was very young I took ballet lessons and it was then I realized that dancing would not be my forte. My strengths lie in my compassion and ability to analyze, organize and strategize.

Do I wish I could dance? Yes I do, it looks like such fun but I have two left feet and no rhythm. Nonetheless when I’m alone in my own space, listening to music that propels me to move I will dance left feet and all to my hearts’ content.

Speaking of dancing, I made a vow last week to get healthier and one of the things I was going to do is use Zumba Fitness for my Wii. Well to my dismay, I discovered the Wii isn’t accessible even standing close to the 42 inch screen TV. Plus, and I hate to admit this, I couldn’t get past the first Zumba move lol.

I am glad though that with February being heart healthy month I resolved to once again eat right and exercise. Since having a healthy heart is so critical especially to women I will also keep the image of the heart on each post throughout February as a reminder.

Street style - Laura Brown in Rosie Assoulin Pinned from
Laura Brown in Rosie Assoulin
Pinned from

It’s probably no surprise that with Valentine’s Day just around the corner and campaigns throughout the U.S. on women’s heart health that the trend is red. Red used to scare me because it’s such a powerful color but almost 20 years ago I bought this awesome red skirt suit and I must say that I felt formidable when I put it on.

Some of my women friends say that they can’t wear red because it clashes with their hair or skin tone and my response has been to look at different shades of red. According to there are 285 shades of visibly different red to the naked eye. If this is true then by my thinking there is a red out there for everyone. And honestly even if there isn’t wear it anyway!

Personally, I’m on the hunt for a red dress. It will be my incentive to reaching my goal weight. I’ve not yet received my talking scale (it’s en route) so I had to use the Wii to weigh myself and I’m 166 pounds. My doctor said that for a person my age, and height the goal should be around 140 pounds but the Wii said it should be about 124 pounds. I’m going with my doctor’s estimation.

To give you an idea of how you can use red in your wardrobe I’ve provided 2 pictures of red ensembles and I’ll describe both below:

  1. Rosie Assoulin trouser suit with wide legged trousers and a double-breasted blazer. Laura Brown is wearing this suit with a black ¾ sleeve fur jacket paired with a black handbag. This shade of red is so stunning she doesn’t need nor is she wearing additional accessories.

    Karen Millen crepe dress, Reiss pinstripe jacket, Giuseppe Zanott stiletto pumps, Folli Follie handbag, MSGM colorful belt Pinterest via Visit
    Pinterest via Visit
    Karen Millen crepe dress; Reiss pinstripe jacket;
    Giuseppe Zanott stiletto pumps; Folli Follie
    handbag; MSGM colorful belt
  2. The second ensemble is a red sheath (A figure-hugging silhouette with a straight skirt at mid-calf or shorter has a defined waist (no belt or waistband). Works well in sleeveless styles on well-toned bodies. dress by Karen Millen; Reiss pinstripe jacket (looks grey to me but is described as navy); tan Giuseppe Zanott stiletto pumps (very high and I would swap out for kitten heels); striped black or navy & white Folli Follie handbag and MSGM colorful belt looks like this may be gold toned.

I really like both of these outfits and once I’ve reach my goal I am going to strut myself in a red dress or pant suit. Oh and I almost forgot since there’s a new outfit in my future I must treat myself to a pair of shoes as well.

Well for now I’m off to the treadmill. Until tomorrow…

“It’s wonderful when you can bring sparkle into people’s lives without fading away from your own true color. Keep the hue in you.” ~Dodinsky,

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  1. Years ago I used to wear a dress–top was red/white stripe and bottom was bright red. I felt very comfortable in this dress that I wore it to death.

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