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Jewelry Storage Solutions

Babies and Baubles

This silver filigree music box from Vicenza features a wind up handle to the bottom, an intricate patterned design decorated with diamant studs and a pearlescent oval centre. The interior contains a large compartment, a small compartment and a ring hold section. - See more at: Debenhams
Debenhams Jewelry Box

It was the wee hours of the morning and daylight wasn’t even beginning to peep through the mini blinds. Yet I heard the unmistakable sound of a low growl. In a pitiful attempt to ignore it, I gently turned on my left side pulling the blankets over my head to get more comfortable. Grrrrr there it was again and then the sound I didn’t want to hear, a gentle rustle of movement and an ever so slight cooing sound. As Mollie continued to try to pull the blankets off me, as tired as I was, I couldn’t ignore it anymore because she would wake the little one.

About 29 years ago when I was between jobs to pick up a little extra money I would babysit for my cousin. I loved watching this baby, I was there when he was born and since he was the first baby that I was in close contact with I could not get enough of him. I would wait with great anticipation for his mom to bring him over each day. Why then at the end of the day was I just as excited to pack him up and send him on his way?

I seriously had my doubts about motherhood and in a moment of clarity I understood why. After the birth of my firstborn I thought my heart would burst, I felt so much joy. He was the sweetest most precious thing I’d ever laid eyes on and the love I felt for him was like none other.

At the end of our first day home when my grandmother asks me what I’m doing I look at her like “duh” but I patiently explain that “I’m putting on the baby’s snowsuit so he can go home.” As soon as the words left my mouth it hit me that this baby wasn’t going anywhere because he was mine and he was home.

Two more sons and 24 years later I have a 1-year-old grandson that I’m just gaga over. Every time he comes over I’m so excited and I have so much fun with him. He has this smile that just lights up a room and even when he cries it’s the cutest thing.

Yesterday, like any other day when I babysit Orion was uneventful, that is, until it was time for him to go home. It was snowing all day and with the bitter cold I couldn’t say no when my son asked if the baby could stay the night. Since my son’s car was out of commission he didn’t want to expose the baby to the extreme elements by walking home and neither did I.

Back to this morning and my need for more rest; I knew I’d have to forgo sleep to care for my charge. Time has a funny way of creating amnesia. I forgot what an energy draining experience it was to have an independence demanding toddler around.

Planning for the unplanned

When you have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) tendencies, order and systems rule the day. I’m not so good with unplanned anything. I plan my plans and then have backup plans for those plans. So when I’m thrown a wrench in the plan it sucks my energy. Add to it the never-ending snowfall and 10 degree temperature and it’s not a pretty combination.

Coaster Traditional Jewelry Armoire, Cherry Amazon $149.56
Coaster Traditional Jewelry Armoire, Cherry

Since I’ve taken the circular route to organization I thought today I’d share some jewelry storage options. I never had a musical jewelry box complete with a little ballerina when I was little and promised I’d treat myself to a nice one in adulthood. I eventually ended up with a Queen Anne style jewelry armoire which suited my needs perfectly for my growing collection of high fashion pieces. That was 10 years ago.

Jewelry Storage Solutions

Umbra-Little-Hanging-Jewelry-Organize 39 clear pockets on one side, 24 hook-and-loop tabs on the other
Umbra Little Hanging Jewelry Organizer

After becoming legally blind almost 5 years ago, the armoire was no longer as useful especially when storing my earrings. What I used to do was keep each set of earrings in these tiny plastic baggies and put them in the armoire drawers. When you can’t see very well it can be a little nerve-wracking trying to locate most things let alone a specific pair of earrings.

The answer to my earring storage dilemma came to me completely by accident when I went to Marshalls with a friend of mine. I found the cutest little black dress on a hanger (not one you can wear) but one that has clear plastic pockets on both sides for earrings. There was no denying the black dress was adorable but I opted for the plain rectangular shape hanging storage. The one I bought has 66 pockets 6 of which are big enough for cuff bracelets.

The nice thing about either of these options is you can label the individual pockets to clearly identify the contents within. Also, for low vision users, different color options can provide useful contrast. Another benefit to this type storage is that it takes up very little space and it keeps sets together.

Following are 3 different resources along with costs associated with each organizer carried by the retailer(s):

 1.      Amazon

  • Umbra-Little-Hanging-Jewelry-Organize 39 clear pockets on one side, 24 hook-and-loop tabs on the other comes in pink, red or black 18.24
  • Household Essentials 80-Pocket Hanging Jewelry and Accessories Organizer, White Vinyl by Household Essentials 10.39
  • Hanging Jewelry Organizer White 37 Pockets Bedroom Closet Accessory Storage by Richards Homewares 8.18
  • Hanging Jewelry Organizer 72-Pocket, 2-Sided by Simply Genius 6.98

2.      Bed Bath and Beyond

  • Umbra Luxury Little Black Dress Jewelry Organize 29.99
  • 39 pockets 24 hook & loop closures (for necklaces)
  • The Macbeth Collection 42-Pocket Hanging Jewelry Organizer in Shag Madison 19.99
  • Crystal Clear Vinyl 37-Pocket Hanging Jewelry Organizer 9.99
  • Umbra® Little Black Tee Jewelry Organizer 9.99

3.      The Find

  • On are many retailers like Etsy, amazon, Walgreen, etc. who carry a variety of hanging and roll-up jewelry organizers with a price range from $9-$48
  • Colors are varied and I found pink, black, white, beige, camouflage, green

About 2 years ago I ordered another hanging jewelry organizer from Avon. What I liked most about this one was it has a separate section that detaches and can be used as a roll-up travel organizer. The cons of this particular item are the very tight/small pockets and even with my small fingers I had trouble inserting and removing earrings. I did use the hook and loop tabs on the other side for my necklaces but found for heavier jewelry it isn’t very effective. While I still have this organizer I’m not too fond of it and I’m still looking for a better way to deal with my necklaces. Currently I’ve settled for hanging some of the shorter ones on a jewelry tree but I’d prefer to keep all of them in one place. I’ll keep you posted on how I make out with this.

Until tomorrow Ciao!

“For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. For beautiful hair, let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day. For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone….”~Sam Levenson

6 thoughts on “Jewelry Storage Solutions

  1. Before I use ice cube trays, I used egg carton to store my earrings. This also is good use the egg carton and ice cube trays.

    1. Hi Susan, yeah I can see that ice cube trays and egg cartons would have great merit. Thank you.

  2. I think I started to use ice cube trays years ago. To me it is popular tinkg to keep pairs of earrings apart but I did the same thingk with my necklace into with earrings.

  3. I find that Ice cube trays work for earrings (egg carton works ok,too.) I tend to hang my necklaces on mydoorknobs.

    1. Hey Sherri, I did receive your comment. I’ve come across a number of ways to store my necklaces but with the multi-layered ones especially I need to keep them from getting tangled. I also like to keep the more delicate ones separate. And then there’s Mollie. Can you imagine hanging necklaces on doorknobs with my crazy doggie?

      1. Whoops, I forgot about Molly. Since I don’t have a crazy doggie, I stick with my doorknobs.

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