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You Are What You Wear?

You are More than What You Wear!

Kate Beckinsale in Silver Strapless shiny Mermaid Gown Appears to be Textured With a Pattern by Zuhair Murad
Kate Beckinsale
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So as I was going through my Twitter feed yesterday, I came across a few Tweets on the 2014 Golden Globes that aired this past Sunday. Actually I should say I came across Tweets that talked about what people were wearing on the red carpet at the 2014 Golden Globes.

At the outset I need to state that I do not watch any awards programming not for any particular reason other than they really don’t interest me. I can’t say that I was surprised by some of the commentary specifically aimed at the worst dressed. My opinion, I think some of it was hurtful and it bothers me that even when we give our opinion, especially when we’re talking about other people, it’s like we forget they have feelings. Now I know that some would say “well the celebrities spotlighted get paid enough to tolerate said opinions”, I still think it’s mean spirited.

Gabourey Sidibe wore a cream-colored gown with jeweled accents
Gabourey Sidibe
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Take for example Gabourey Sidibe, because she doesn’t fit into society’s stereotypical red carpet, model-perfect, actress, this seemed to give license for people to say some of the most abhorrent things about her. Why should I care? Because she’s a person like me or anyone else and she has feelings. I don’t know her and since I don’t really watch much TV I hadn’t really heard of her until I found some of most disparaging remarks made about her. Of course I had to locate her red carpet picture and to me she is a lovely full-figured woman who wore a beautiful cream-colored gown with jeweled accents. I love her Twitter response to the haters and since summarizing wouldn’t nearly do justice to what she said I’m providing her quote.

To people making mean comments about my GG pics, I mos def cried about it on that private jet on my way to my dream job last night. #JK ~Gabourey Sidibe

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Form Fitting Orange Gown that Flares Slightly at the Bottom and Halter Straps on the Top
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
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One of the reasons I started this blog was I learned first-hand how people oftentimes jump to the wrong conclusions simply because I use a white cane. The other reason was I felt an overwhelming desire to demonstrate that even in blindness/vision loss there is beauty and it’s my hope to erase the negative connotations associate with it.

Beauty doesn’t discriminate – it comes in all shapes, colors, sizes, ages and abilities. The mere fact that we exist is beautiful. So why should I condemn someone because they choose to wear something that may not appeal to me? As long as it’s something they like who cares, I say go for it.

Okay, now that I can breathe, after looking at most of the red carpet gowns I found two that I really liked. Not sure how either would look on me but if I were in the market for a gown these two would top my list. The first one, worn by Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a form-fitting orange gown that flares ever-so-slightly at the bottom with halter-like straps at the top. Kate Beckinsale wore my second favorite and it’s a strapless  silver shiny mermaid gown by Zuhair Murad.

Both gowns were so spectacular that they did not require any accessories other than earrings and Julia Louis-Dreyfus wore a bracelet or watch (I can’t tell for sure by looking at the picture). I like the understated elegance of Julia’s gown as opposed to the other one but they both get a thumbs up from me.

“I love to make fun of fashion because it is just so silly.” ~ Kathy Griffin

2 thoughts on “You Are What You Wear?

  1. I know. It’s so sad and really unecessary.

  2. You are so right about the mean spirit behind the fashion overviews. It gives the entire industry such a bad name. One of being unkind. It breaks my heart.

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