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You don’t know what you’re missing…

Pantone 2014 Spring Color Chart
Pantone 2014 Spring Color Chart

Since today’s topic is a continuation of the last 2 Trending Tuesdays’ posts I was reflecting on what it is I miss most about losing my vision. There are so many things that I wasn’t sure I could pin it down to just one item. I mean, I miss being able to recognize faces of friends and family, I miss not being “in the know” because I can no longer effectively determine body language, I miss my paper filing system(s) (I used to constantly improve and develop new organizational systems), I miss my so-called “normal” reflection in the mirror (although this can be a good thing because I can no longer see my “perceived” flaws) oh, and then there’s driving, – I would love to get behind the wheel, put on my driving persona, throw on my shades, pop in an Earth, Wind & Fire CD, turn up the volume, open the moon roof and just be oh-so-cool. This list could be a post unto itself however if I were to narrow it down to a singular thing I would have to say the variations of color would be number one.

Now you see it, now you don’t

I always thought there was something magical about color that goes beyond the color wheel that I just can’t put it into words. I do know that at an early age I was captivated by mixing red and blue to get purple or yellow and red to get orange and so on. Part of my color enchantment was probably because of my artistic nature and, being true to myself, when I reached 10th grade I decided that I would go to technical school for graphic arts training. It was during this training that I learned about fonts, setting type, shooting negatives, masking, plate making on up to and including running a printing press, breaking it down and putting it back together.

Cayenne Pants, Statement Necklace & Nail polish With Black Boat Neck Long Sleeve Sweater, Black Shoes & Black & White Polka Dot Handbag
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While professionally I didn’t pursue graphic arts, people who knew I had this background would ask me to design posters, flyers, cards, etc. With personal computers coming into play some decades after graduation, I did make use of various software programs to create numerous graphic related documents. Before the term “pop” was used as a reference to make something stand out as in design I felt it when in the initial stages of creation and I would add color it was once again magical to me.

The reason why I decided to share this with you today is I want you to understand that even though I have a background and at one time had the vision to truly appreciate color and it’s variations I no longer take it so seriously. While those in the industry’s livelihoods depend on the nuances of color, for the rest of us, especially those of us who are blind or vision impaired, it really isn’t a big deal. My thing is, as long as what I’m wearing suits me and looks good on me so what?

The information in today’s post is just that – information so that you can make a conscious choice on how you might want to include some of the highlighted colors into your wardrobe. The next 4 colors for spring 2014 are:

  1. Cayenne a high-pitched red, adds a dash of spicy heat to neutrals, and heightens the excitement when mixed with Freesia.
  2. Freesia, a blazing yellow that is sure to illuminate wardrobes this season A tropical, floral-inspired shade, Freesia’s warmth and energy help set the stage for Celosia Orange
  3. Celosia Orange Pair Celosia Orange with Violet Tulip for a captivating vision, much like the setting summer sun
  4. Radiant Orchid (The color of the year) a bold counterpart to Violet Tulip (discussed last week), and Dazzling Blue (will be presented next week)
Navy Blazer, White Jeans, White & Navy Striped Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Freesia Handbag, Statement Necklace & Earrings and Cayenne Flats
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As I mentioned last week, while I’m not crazy about all the trending colors there are a few that I would consider using in accent pieces. In today’s post I included pictures of two outfits that I think closely align with some of the colors referenced above. The first ensemble (my personal favorite) consists of Cayenne jeans, statement necklace & nail polish (I would wear a skirt because jeans in this color would not work on my shape). The long sleeve sweater, hoop earrings and shoes are black and the polka dot handbag is black & white.

The second outfit is a little more fun because it is a mix of stripes, solids and colors. This ensemble includes a navy blazer, white jeans, white & navy striped long sleeve sweater, Freesia colored handbag, statement necklace & button earrings and Cayenne flats.

Next week I’ll finish up the spring 2014 colors with a couple more outfits for inspiration.

“Fashion is made to become unfashionable. ~ Coco Chanel

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