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Star Light Star Bright…

Don’t Let Your Wants Hurt You

Silver Mirrored heart charm bracelet by Lane Bryant
Pinterest via Lane Bryant
Mirrored heart charm bracelet by Lane Bryant.

Easy Bake Oven and a charm bracelet; these were the two things that I wanted most when I was growing up. I wasn’t aware of how obsessed I was with at least one of these items until one of my friends pulled a vicious prank on me two Christmases ago.

Over the past few years my friends, Lisa, Lori, Doreen and I started a tradition where we would get together for all the major holidays and host a feast for family and friends. Apparently during one, two, maybe more of these gatherings I might have mentioned that I was deprived as a child because I never got the object of my desire. So maybe I should have known by their mocking laughter and snide remarks that I was being a little childish but couldn’t they understand the depths of my despair? Uh uh, nope, not my friends, they kept on poking fun at poor dejected little old me.

Before I go any further I should come clean and let you know that I’ve been known to play practical jokes on those closest to me (it’s just my way of saying “I love you”). It was the Christmas of 2011 and as was our custom everyone exchanged gifts. The present Lisa game me was big and I’m thinking (wow, I scored big time). Usually when opening presents I try to remove the gift wrap very carefully so as to not rip it. This time was no different that is until I saw the box. My heart starts pounding and I’m ripping the paper off like a madwoman, I’m so excited. I was so enthralled with opening the gift that I wasn’t paying attention to Lisa’s cackling laugh (this was an important clue to which I was oblivious). The box is now completely unwrapped and I’m jumping around like a little school girl because it’s an Easy Bake Oven!!! Or so I thought.

The Prankster gets Pranked!

It doesn’t pay to play practical jokes on one’s friends and family because when the “chickens come home to roost,” well, let’s just say payback is a son of a gun. Lisa, leaving no stone unturned, had taped the box shut with shipping tape and I had to get a knife to get it open. While I’m doing all this she’s laughing her head off and I’m beginning to think that something is really amiss. Once I get the tape off there is all this Styrofoam popcorn and I’m wondering what is this? It finally dawned on me that there really wasn’t an Easy Bake Oven in this box and I’m just devastated which made it all the more funny to everyone in the room. It was at that moment that I decided to be “the bigger person,” a positive role model for my immature friends and I too was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down my face. This was such a good, welcome, and I might add, deserved prank, that I wished I’d thought of it. In case you’re wondering the gift was a combination of my favorite candles and scents from Bath and Body Works (a pretty good substitute for an Easy Bake).

Sterling Silver Pandora Bracelet
Sterling Silver Pandora Bracelet
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To this day I still do not have a charm bracelet and while I think about starting one every now and again it’s just not on my list of priorities. My friend Margie was trying to sell me on the idea of a Pandora Charm bracelet a few years ago and while the charms are quite dazzling I still couldn’t commit to buying one for myself. I like that Pandora has many options from which to create a charm bracelet. They currently have over 600 charms (gold, silver, two-tone, glass, wood, enamel, with/without stones, pavé & many themes), clips, pendants, spacers and a number of bracelet materials (gold, silver, fabric or leather). Because of these varied combinations you’d be hard pressed to find someone wearing the exact duplicate of what you own.

When I was younger and yearned for a charm bracelet the thing that appealed to me most was the gentle clinking sound of charms hitting one another as my friends would move their wrists. I still like the sound and the high tactility of charms so it’s highly likely that within the next few years I may at last have one of my own. Until that time comes I will settle for the bracelets I have most of which are variations of silver cuffs (some with and without crystals/stones). Pictured are some pretty Turquoise and Jade bracelets that I would like to include in my jewelry box .

Turquoise And Jade Bracelets
Turquoise And Jade Bracelets
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Until tomorrow, have a great rest of the weekend!

“Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles.” ~Sonja Henie

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  1. Just think you ended up with something better than an easy-bake oven. Sweet smelling.

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