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Fine Fitting Footwear

I did NOT have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty. ~Imelda Marcos

Victoria's Secret Collection Pointed To Flat
Pinterest via VS Collection Pointed-Toe Flat

I love quotes and with it being Shoe Lovin’ Saturdays what could be more appropriate than the above quote from Imelda Marcos? When I came across this quote I seriously almost fell off my chair laughing. The first thought that jumped into my mind was ‘out of touch’. Right behind this thought was hmmm ‘I could see myself making such a statement if I ever amassed so many pairs of shoes, but, my feeling is if I can’t justify the expense then I’m not buying. Are shoes a necessity? Yes. Do I need to spend a king’s fortune on them? No. And while I may have been tempted by some pretty awesome, costly, shoes I cannot envision myself ever forking over (a set dollar amount in my head) for a pair, it’s just not in me. Maybe it’s my upbringing or being a single-mom raising three boys while trying to make ends meet or it could be my stubborn refusal to conform. Call it what you like I’d rather use some good old-fashioned ingenuity to buy shoes that to me are must haves.

Last Saturday I shared my great affection for heels and how I would at times, when breaking them in, torture my poor feet. I also, talked a little about how I came to the conclusion with my vision loss and capacity for being accident prone that it no longer made sense to wear 3 to 4 inch stilettos. Although I have to say early into my vision loss when I started using my white cane, my friends found it funny seeing other people’s reactions to the “blind” lady using a white cane in 4 inch stilettos. The lengths I go to entertain my friends, geez. At any rate I promised to give you my findings on the different types of feet and footwear most fitting for the specific type of foot. So, what I did was I went to the experts on this topic and what I found is SHOCKING!!!

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) hates me. Yes, you heard right, they detest me. How else am I to explain some of the recommendations such as “An ideal choice is a shoe that has a square or wide toe box, with a heel that is lower than two inches high.” So here I am today with hammer toes, corns, the beginning stages of bunions, knee and back pain, are my shoes to blame? Sure they are. Would I do things differently? Nah, I don’t think so. Plus I need to do my part to help keep the AAOS in business.

kate spade new york imani bead & crystal thong sandal
Pinterest via kate spade new york imani bead & crystal thong sandal

Even though I wouldn’t do things differently (partly because of my stubbornness) where shoes are concerned I really do value the advice of the AAOS. Proper Foot care is very important to our overall health especially for people with diseases such as diabetes. Because of my poor choices early in life, as it relates to the care of my feet, I don’t feel comfortable wearing the oh, so cute, sandals of today. On the flip side though, since I can no longer see my feet, I suppose I could wear them but I think it best to spare the general public exposure to my deformed toes.

There is tons of information on the internet on the different types of feet and as a rule I look for several valid resources before forming an opinion or passing along information. On the subject of feet you can find good data on the AAOS and the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society (AOFAS) websites. The AOFAS website has some really good information on foot health on this page: Adult Foot Health. Because one shoe doesn’t fit all, there are many types of feet and while there are different categories such as Greek/Morton’s foot, Egyptian foot, Peasant foot, etc. if you talk with any reputable athletic shoe department they will tell you there is more to the foot than the category to which it falls into. For example arches, the way the foot falls and the overall mechanics of the foot need to be determined for proper foot health and shoes for said feet.

One of the other promises I made was I would pass along some of the 2014 shoe trends. In Glamour Fashion they listed “60 of the Best Shoes From Spring 2014 Fashion Week”. Out of the 60, I found 8 that I like and I’m sharing (since I did not obtain permission to use photos from Glamour’s site I’m providing the slide number for your reference) for 4 of my favorites:

  • Blugirl’s Kitten-Heel Slingbacks Slide #34
  • Kate Spade’s Ladylike Pumps Slide #13
  • Altuzarra’s Sexy Mules Slide #1
  • Tory Burch’s Pointy-Toe Loafers Slide #25

Remember what I said earlier in this post about “some good old-fashioned ingenuity?” It doesn’t just apply to spending but also in setting myself apart and while I like the shoes I mentioned I will use these as my inspiration to find new shoes when and/or if the time comes.

Have a great weekend!

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” ~Marilyn Monroe

3 thoughts on “Fine Fitting Footwear

  1. I am a lover of great shoes. I adore my feet and take great pride in them. I have a.very high arch and find that a good quality shoe works best for my feet.

    1. Hi Glenda, thank you for stopping by. I’ve always envived high arches, mine are almost flat. I think this could be part of the reason why I preferred pointed high heels aside from the fact that they made me appear taller. It got to the point when I initially tried to wear flats it felt like the tendons in my ankles were pulling since they were so tight. Now that I’m a little more mature and blind I wear more flats and sensible heels.

  2. Well, I’m shocked. You mean you didn’t own 3000 pair of shoes. Oh well, I gues owning 1060 pairs of shoes is justifiable. I have to agre I had a good laugh.

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