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3 Money Saving Tips

“I’ve got nothing to wear…”

I groan as I stare into my jam-packed closet. Every morning it was the same Frustrated Business Womanroutine when I was getting ready for work, I’d get up, take my shower, do hair, makeup and then go to the dreaded closet. Sometimes I’d even do things like brush my teeth, go to the closet, start my makeup, go to the closet, it was the most amazing time waster and caused me so much stress it’s no wonder I have high blood pressure.

I found it hilarious that by the time I got to work people would give me compliments on how well I was put together. If they only knew the struggle I went through from picking out something to wear (that actually fit) to fighting to get into a pair of pantyhose. Oh sure, some of you may say “well why didn’t you just prepare ahead of time?” And the answer to that question is most times I would and then I’d find to my dismay that my mood just didn’t match my prepared ensemble. You know what they say about “the best laid plans…” Plus a true obsessive compulsive person really is their own harshest critic. Throw in the fact that I can’t see well and it just gets messy but nonetheless entertaining.

It was during my frantic morning makeovers that I really wished I was like Elizabeth Montgomery’s character, Samantha Stephens on Bewitched where I could just snap my fingers or twitch my nose and poof!! Look out world here I come. Sadly I had to live with the fact that I was a mere mortal forever destined to this same exhilarating morning practice (yay).

Waste not want not?

Closet with clothesI read a study somewhere many moons ago, that basically said no matter how many clothes a woman may have, she only wears a very small percentage of her wardrobe. Of course I didn’t agree with such nonsense because that would make it seem as if I were either a hoarder or a wasteful person. Just between you and me it was true though. I think I actually made better use of my wardrobe when I had fewer resources because I was forced to be creative.

Being thrifty doesn’t always relate to spending money and I can personally attest to this due to the meager background from which I came. Using your resourcefulness can go a long way to helping you achieve a stylish look. The following 3 tips do involve an upfront cost but the money you can save in the long run is worthwhile:

  1. Avon’s Two-In-One Gloves. I bought a pair of these in black with black sequined wrist warmers about two or three years ago. While I wouldn’t consider them very functional in very cold temperatures, they are a nice accessory to dress up your winter attire. The thing I like most about mine is the versatility as I can wear them three different ways by the gloves alone, the wrist warmers or wearing them together.
  2. The ex-husband I spoke about in yesterday’s Wardrobe Wednesdays post bought me a wonderful Columbia interchangeable winter jacket a few years back. Like the gloves I mentioned above, this jacket gave me several different options for wear. If you can’t stand the cold these jackets are for you and you can find them at
  3. Swapping out buttons on blouses, blazers, coats, etc. can give new life to an existing item of clothing. Alternatively, if you have difficulty sewing like me, button covers are a great option. I found some button covers on

For you hands-on creative types out there if you can provide additional versatile tips I’d sure be interested in hearing from you. Please leave your comments.

Have a wonderful day!

“The fountain of beauty is the heart and every generous thought illustrates the walls of your chamber.” ~Francis Quarles

6 thoughts on “3 Money Saving Tips

  1. you can’t beat a good pair of versatile gloves

  2. This is absolutely great!!!! I go through this everyday of the week lol
    Thank you for sharing this post,,

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you’re enjoying it!!

  3. I’m glad I wasn’t compulsive. I just reached in the closet and pulled whatever I put my hands on and made that work. It didn’t matter what mood I ws in; because I always liked what I wore.

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