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Rear Window

A Look that Say’s I’m Self-Confident

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During last week’s Wardrobe Wednesdays I said that I don’t bother with New Years’ resolutions because I know that even with the best of intentions I won’t stick to the promise. I also said that I could use a little help in dressing down for a more casual look. Well, today isn’t that day and I knew over the weekend what I wanted to share with you is one of my favorite outfits of all time.

To set the stage for the unveiling of my favorite outfit, I have to search the foggy recesses of my memory to a time when I was still married to my most recent ex-husband who was an avid collector of VHS movies. This man had a library full of movies which he carefully and lovingly catalogued (even to an obsessive compulsive person such as I this was a tad bit over the top and drove me a little insane). At any rate, we used to have movie night every Friday where my two younger sons, his daughter, him and I, would indulge in an unhealthy dose of popcorn and other snacks as we gathered around the television to view the featured film for the evening.

Like the average married couple (and I suppose it could be said that I was a little disagreeable) we would, at times, butt heads over which movie to watch. On this particular Friday I lost the war and as I sulked at the beginning of the film I was irritated that I found myself being sucked into the storyline. The Alfred Hitchcock (who by the way I’ve always greatly admired) movie was the 1954 Rear Window. If you’re even remotely familiar with Hitchcock’s films you’ve probably guessed that my all-time favorite outfit or in this case, costume, is one worn by Grace Kelly and you would be correct.

Photo of Grace Kelly in eau de nil suit
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The outfit in Rear Window that screamed out to me was the eau de nil suit. The literal French translation of eau de nil (a color described as a pale yellowish-green from means water of (the) Nile. This very chic, tailored 50s style look consisted of 3 pieces of clothing and 7 few well-placed accessories. The website Clothes On Film has some wonderful pictures and descriptions of the suit however I wanted to give you an overview of the different pieces here:

  • Hip-length jacket with a stand-up collar
  • Calf-length pencil skirt
  • White silk cross-over wrap halter top (without a display of cleavage I might add)
  • White belt
  • White gloves
  • White veiled pillbox hat
  • Choker length pearl necklace
  • Chunky pearl bracelet
  • Earrings
  • Black heels

When Grace’s character took off the jacket I fell in love with the halter and made a vow that I would look for something similar and with the passage of time forgot. By virtue of sharing this favorite of mine with you today the halter will now be placed once again on my list of items to procure.

I leave you today with a quote from Edit Head, one of Hollywood’s greatest designers and the creator of this suit as it is most fitting.

“Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady.” Edith Head

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