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Is It Magic? Nah, Just Color Adjusting Foundation

The “KISS” of Foundation

“KISS”, not to be confused with smooch, I always thought was short for “Keep It Puckered LipsSimple Stupid” but little did I know there are so many variations of this acronym. Since I have an aversion to the word stupid I will choose for today’s post Keep It Super Simple.

I like choices, they’re a good thing but when I’m faced with too many choices I begin to hyperventilate and almost go into a full fledge panic attack. So when faced with the prospect of searching for new makeup foundations I just cringe. Throw in the fact that I can’t see my face very well and, well, it can be an upsetting proposition.

When it came to using makeup, and more specifically foundation, after I started losing my vision it was easier for me to give up my frustration and go bare-faced. I mean, I hated having to search for the perfect shade of foundation when I could see; so now with the element of vision loss my thing was “who needs this aggravation?” This was around the time when I had many hissy fits and pity parties because I thought “woe is me I’m losing my vision how can I possibly go on? And more importantly how can I go on without makeup?” Looking back now it sounds so pathetic I mean there were bigger problems in the world and here I was worried about makeup application because I was so concerned about my appearance. As time went on I went into a zen-like state where my appearance didn’t take such a high priority and I began to focus outward. Make no mistake this was not a quick fix it took some time, however once I pulled up my ‘big girl panties,’ I once again experimented with different foundations, sometimes they worked and sometimes not but it wasn’t such a big deal.

Over the years I’ve used quite a few different foundations from liquid, cream, powder, sheer, pancake to stick formulations. Some I’ve liked more than others and my reasons for changing from time to time was due mainly to more choices becoming available. Currently I’m using a mineral powder foundation because of the ease of application and it looks good or so I’ve been told. Which brings to mind the one thing I forgot to mention; it helps to have a very good friend or relative that you can trust, to help you with choosing what works best for your skin tone/type.

cosmetic brushes and make-upWhen I was asked to do a makeup presentation to a group of women at the Pennsylvania Council of Blind’s 2012 Annual State Convention I shared with them products I found that could be easily used even with blindness/vision impairment. Earlier in this post I mentioned Keep It Super Simple and what could be simpler than color adjusting foundation? It’s been a few years but I used Almay’s Smart Shade and one of the things I like most about Almay products is that they are hypoallergenic and I had no issues with the foundation. Following are a couple of other like products including websites. When it comes to color matching I always try to do this in person to get an idea of how the product may or may not work.

Stay tuned next week when I delve into BB and now, CC creams.

Remember be true to yourself!

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” ~Audrey Hepburn

2 thoughts on “Is It Magic? Nah, Just Color Adjusting Foundation

  1. I hear you Sherri. You’d think with me being such a creature of habit I would continue to remain loyal to one brand/formula but when I hear “new & improved” it gets me every time. As I got older and my skin doesn’t seem as sensitive as it used to be I’ve been able to try different foundations. If I get a reaction I simply stop using it and go back to one that I’m not sensitive to.

    BareMinerals I have to say so far has been one of my favorites followed by Mary Kay Mineral Foundation.

  2. Steph,

    I used to never wear make-up. So I found out the one of the girls I worked with; her Mom sold Avon. When I started wearing make-up; everyone asked if I changed my make-up I said, “No i just startedwearing it.”

    Once I started wearing it; I pretty much stayed with the same thinguntil Avon would change it for something suposedly better. My current Avon lady is helping me when it gets chaged. Drat it. I hate when they change for the supposedly better item.

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