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Singing Shoe Love Songs

Top 10 Reasons to Love ShoesMollie

When I think about the love of shoes Imelda Marcos immediately springs to mind. Though I cannot and would not want to be compared to her I can sorta kinda understand her compulsion. So with the arrival of the New Year; I think it’s important to reflect on my love of shoes. When I was pondering this post I thought about two of my creatively crazy-smart friends (Jami and Marcel) and how one day in the office, they were singing songs that sounded oddly familiar but with a twist. Then the light bulb went off (it was more likely they explained to me) that they had a compelling discussion on changing love songs into lunch songs. It may sound silly but when we started singing “What the World Needs Now is Lunch Sweet Lunch” it was hilarious. Here we were adult professionals, behaving like children at recess singing all the “lunch” songs we could conjure up. So to make a long story short, when I was walking my ADHDD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Dog) Mollie, I thought “hmmm I wonder what love song titles would look like if I made them into shoe song titles?” So I compiled the following list in reverse chronological order my top 10 favorite love/shoe song titles*:

Number 10: Wings – Silly Shoe Songs

Number 9: Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Shoes

Number 8: Mariah Carey – Vision of Shoes

Number 7: Sara Bareilles – Shoe Song

Number 6: Taylor Swift – Shoe Story

Number 5: Anita Baker – Sweet Shoes

Number 4: Diana Ross – Shoe Hangover

Number 3: Whitney Houston – Greatest Shoes of All

Number 2: Huey Lewis & the News – The Power of Shoes

Number 1: Diana Ross & Lionel Richie – Endless Shoes

I’d like to thank Jami Marlowe and Marcel Walker (love you both) for the inspiration in the development of this list. To think that your compelling discussion would enable me to figure out the depth of my love for shoes, well, it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

No Pain No Gain

I like shoes so much that there was a time my feet endured great discomfort in the name of style. Heels have always been my preference and while there may have been a time or two that my feet were hurting you wouldn’t know it because I had to maintain my walk of confidence. By the way, I do not recommend going to such lengths just to be fashionable or whatever reason you may evoke. Like anything else, our feet are unique to each of us and as such we need to be aware of shoes to meet our specific needs. I’ve found with vision impairment I had to rethink the logic of shoes that may pose a safety hazard such as stilettos or other footwear that doesn’t make much sense. I still like heels but now I opt for kitten heels, embellished flats or other appealing shoes that pose little risk. Though I may not appear as tall as I did in my high heels I still feel confident and stylish wearing my current choices.

It took me some time to get to a place where I felt comfortable without heels but about 2 or 3 years ago I finally donated them but I kept one pair that I just can’t live without. Pictured are my Tahari Oxford 4” heels in black from which that I cannot loosen my grip and alternatively a Enzo Angiolini leopard print trimmed in red/orange flat.

Tahari 4" Black Oxford Heels
Tahari Oxford
Enzo Angiolini Flat
Enzo Angiolini Flat

Over the next couple of weeks I will talk about my findings on the different types of feet and footwear most fitting for the specific type of foot. While on the discussion of feet/footwear after all this is Shoe Lovin’ Saturdays, I’ll be sure to pass along the current trends for 2014. For those of you in the northeastern part of the US it may seem bleak right now but before you know it spring will be here so now’s the time to start strategizing head to toe attire.

Remember, be true to yourself!

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

*Please note that the artists referenced did not produce the shoe titles mentioned in this post.

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  1. I like your choices of the top 10 shoe songs. I realized that you substituted the word shores forlove. This was really cute.

    1. Thank you Sherri

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