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Oh to be Young Again

I love the honesty of children their innocence is so pure and I believe they can teach us so much if we only let them. In losing the untainted innocence of childhood I think we lose that part of ourselves that accepts people at face value. The most recent two examples of this I can remember, is when a little girl approached me and asked me an innocent question and when my son, Devon, taught me and my co-workers a lesson I’ll never forget.

I just finished a day at the office, took the elevator to the first floor and upon entering the lobby of the building I worked at, a little girl approached me and asked why I use a white cane. I could have been irritated or indignant by her question (I think her mom was panic-stricken as she tried to explain when I interrupted and told her daughter that) “I can’t see very well and the cane helps me to get around.” We talked for a little while longer and it was such an enjoyable conversation cut short by the arrival of my paratransit service.

Out of the Mouth of Babes

The other incident was a number of years ago when I took Devon to work with me. An auditor was scheduled to come to the office but we didn’t know he was wheelchair bound. So while we were trying to figure out how we should behave, my son, unbeknownst to us went into the conference room and struck up a conversation with the auditor and served him a beverage. To say that I was embarrassed by my behavior is an understatement. It took this child to show us adults that this man in the wheelchair was no different than we were. It was one of the most proud and humbling experiences I can remember. Proud because my son could see past this man’s disability and humbling because it took a child to teach me that a person is so much more than their disability.

Don’t Believe the Hype

Wouldn’t it be great if the advertising industry encompassed everyone? I’d love to see commercials, print and virtual ads with people using mobility devices and speaking to hidden disabilities as well. Oh well, until that time comes we can still use our creativity to find deals even if they aren’t geared specifically to us and that includes those of us over 50.

Sweater & Skirt
Images from Forever 21

Take Forever 21 for example, while it appears to be targeted to younger women (they do have a plus sizes too), this retailer has some nice stuff at very reasonable prices. I was able to pull together an outfit for under $50.00 consisting of a blue shag sweater and a charcoal layered knit skirt. I would probably were my black/grey booties with a black handbag, long necklace, earrings and bracelets. Pictured right, at $22.80, is the Groovy Moves Shag Sweater, and the $17.80 Posh Layered Knit Skirt. The sweater is a lightweight eyelash knit with a round neckline, long Raglan sleeves and ribbed trim. The partially lined lightweight skirt features a layered front, banded waist, high-low hem and finished trim.

I wasn’t able to find jewelry at Forever 21 that appealed to me and again, what appeals to me may not necessarily appeal to you. However just like I was able to find a sweater, skirt and a few other items I would wear, I venture to say that you too could find something you like.

Be true to yourself!

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.”
~ Sophia Loren

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