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Shoe Lovin’ Saturdays

 Shoes are a Girl’s Best Friend

Christmas Gift Bag with Tissue & a Card

It is early in the day on Monday, two days before Christmas, and I receive a package, hand-delivered I might add, from my best friend, Lori, who moved back to Rochester, NY earlier in the year. I was so caught off guard because we hadn’t previously discussed exchanging gifts and I did not buy anything for anyone with the exception of my little grandson. No, I am not a Scrooge or a Grinch although I’m quite taken with both of these characters, no, this year a number of us, in our department at work, lost our jobs and being unemployed forced me to tighten my purse strings. You’re probably wondering “well, how did your friend manage to buy Christmas gifts?” My friend is one of those saving to plan type people and in contrast I’m one of those planning to save types. My plan failed her plan succeeded and here I am with this lovely gift bag in hand, I reach in and pull out two Hallmark Keepsake Angel Christmas tree ornaments and a J.R. Watkins Head to Toe Kit. I’m so thrilled that I immediately text Lori to thank her and I place the items back in the bag and place it under the Christmas tree giving it no more thought.

I go about my day, babysitting, researching, writing, and running to the grocery store to buy food for Christmas dinner preparation when I get a call from Lori around 10:00 p.m. asking me if I got the card. “What card?” I say. She says “the card inside the gift bag I sent you” and I say “I didn’t know there was a card, did you put money in it?” She laughs and tells me to look in the bag to which I do and I pull out a red envelope. The card is really nice and when I open it I squeal (rather loudly, my neighbors must think I need some serious mental therapy). To my complete and utter disbelief it’s a…wait for it…DSW gift card!!! I’m over the moon and nothing else matters but that I can indulge in buying a brand new pair of shoes.

DSW Card

Prior to losing my vision I wore high heels all the time and if anyone had told me there would be a day that I would prefer flats I would have vehemently disagreed. But, here I am today with a nice selection of flats (I still wear heels however they’re a little more sensible). There’s something about a blind woman wearing heels and using a white cane that people can’t quite grasp the concept. Thing is, when you reach the age of 50+ you no longer feel the need to meet others’ expectations of how you should look or behave. Throw in vision impairment and it’s one more item to add to the list of ‘I know I can’t please everyone and so I choose to please myself.’ Like I said before the most important thing anyone can wear is their confidence and what better way to boost it than a nice pair of shoes! In the following pictures are two of my current personal favorite flats:

Qupid Pointer Two-piece Taupe flats. The Pointer has rhinestones and a pointy toe.
Qupid Pointer-36X Flat
Chinese Laundry Edendale Camel colored two piece flat. The Edendale has a sassy ankle strap, almond toe, and back zipper.
Chinese Laundry Edendale Flat

I liked my black Chinese Laundry Flats so much that I bought the camel pair. They’re very comfortable and I’ve gotten so many compliments each time I’ve worn them.

Next week I’ll share with you my latest shoe purchase compliments of my DSW gift card – Thank you Lori =D

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” ~Harry Winston

4 thoughts on “Shoe Lovin’ Saturdays

  1. Both pairs of flats are lovely. I especially love the studded pair. Very nice. Thank you for reaching out!

  2. You actually squealed? Unbelievable! Next time make sure you check all of what you receive to make sure nothing else. Geez, you squealed.

    1. Unbelievable I know, but yes it was a very high pitched squeal.

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