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Wardrobe Wednesdays

Merry Christmas!

The one day when the world pauses if just for a moment, to celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus. I am so thankful for this day, my family (including little Mollie, my dog), friends and others who have touched my life. I am so very fortunate to be surrounded by people who are in my corner, supporting me, encouraging me and loving me for the person I am. Celebrating Christmas this year meant cooking dinner at my apartment, packing everything up and taking it to share with my mother, brother, three sons, grand baby and one of my best friends.

Me with my white cane posing in front of my Christmas tree.
Me, my white cane and my Christmas tree.

In Christmases past I have been known to wear stretchy pants, t-shirt and a bandana on my head because after spending the greater part of the day cooking I did not feel like getting all gussied up. Plus after partaking of all that sumptuous food and delectable desserts I needed room to breathe. This year, since I went to my mom’s and made the effort to look somewhat civilized, today’s uniform consisted of black leggings, black turtleneck, black flats, red jacket with ¾ length sleeves and of course earrings and bangles. Pictured left is me in my attire with my white cane the necessary accessory, that no self-respecting vision impaired woman would be without. I’m standing in front of my Christmas tree all decked out with silver ornaments and I found out after my brother took the picture that the tree was actually leaning. At first I was horrified because I take my tree decorating very seriously and then I just laughed because this is one of those things that sometimes happens when you don’t see very well.

Since Wardrobe Wednesdays focuses on outfits of particular interest to me I found two on Pinterest that stood out. Both have a little glitz and while I typically prefer to dress for comfort on any holiday I could see myself in these two. Below in the side by side photo, picture right are dark blue jeans, silver sparkly sleeveless top, cream-colored jacket, taupe clutch, lighter taupe shoes and a sparkly bracelet. The shoes in this picture are extremely high and even when I wore high heels I’m not sure I could manage these however the color goes nicely with the ensemble. Pictured left is a cream-colored jumpsuit with sleeveless cross-over top and pleated bottoms with silver shoes and a chunky gold necklace. Both outfits are very nice and I love cream-colored clothing although if you’re like me it can be challenging keeping the color intact when you’re a tad bit accident prone.

Side by side photo with jeans outfit on the left and jumpsuit on the left.
Dressy blue jeans ensemble & jumpsuit.

Until tomorrow have a blessed Christmas!

“Once you establish a look, and once everybody recognizes that look as your look, you never have to think about fashion again.” ~Douglas Coupland

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