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Christmas Eve is one of my favorite days of the year and a time for personal reflection upon that Holy night so many years ago. When I was a little girl, before I understood the true meaning of Christmas, all I could think of was the toys that Santa was going to bring me and I could hardly wait until morning came. As I got a little older I fondly remember spending Christmas Eve reading the Little Golden Book retelling of the Christmas story and to my delight I found it on Amazon last Saturday. So the plan this evening is starting a new tradition of sharing the story with my baby grandson and letting him look at the pictures that is, if Amazon comes through on their promise of delivering today.

Top photo contains set of silver sequined KCUFFS. Bottom photo shows one of the KCUFFS on the sleeve of my black sweater.
Silver KCUFFS & KCUFF on the sleeve of my sweater.

Speaking of Amazon, yesterday my doorbell buzzer rings and my heart does that familiar thumping with the anticipation of an arrival of a package. So I press the “talk” button and ask, “who’s there?” The answer I receive is “UPS” and I’m doing my little happy dance, that is, until the driver hands me this little UPS bag. As I smile at her and thank her for the bag almost simultaneously I turn my back to re-enter my apartment and my face is crestfallen. I’m thinking to myself what is in this little bag and I can no longer mask my disappointment until I cut the bag open and “what to my wondering eyes should appear?” but my sparkling KCUFFS (pronounced Kay Cuffs). Okay, I know it doesn’t rhyme but I never claimed to be a poet. What amazes me most is that I totally forgot about ordering these must-have accessories.

Currently KCUFFS come in five different styles in sets of two: Blue Leopard, Almost Zebra, Silver, Black/Gold Combo and Black/Silver Combo. The cost for each set is a very reasonable $22 especially when you consider the ease of converting one outfit to a completely different look.

As great as KCUFFS are, and they’re pretty awesome, let us not forget what this holiday season truly represents that is Christmas, the birth of Christ. I can think of no greater gift than God’s gift to us of His only son that through Him we have hope for redemption.

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you” ~ Ralph Lauren

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  1. thank you, will go email them right now!

  2. did you find the cuffs roomy? i have large wrists but would love to order these! also are they soft on the inside? i have a tattoo that got infected as i was allergice to that particular pigment in the colour and is now photosensitive, i struggle to find nice cuffs to wear over it in the summmer.

    1. My wrists are small and wearing them over my sweater was a little snug. But let me look for the owner’s contact info because she calked me directly as I had some reservations on ordering on her website. She’s real nice and she would be able to tell you if they come in a larger size. They really are nice and after I got mine I was wondering why no one came up with the idea earlier.

    2. Kathy Kramer is the creator of K Cuffs and here is the email address for online sales, wholesale and international inquiries: And the cuffs are pretty flexible, they may hava appeared snug due to the hot flasshes or as I like to refet to them as “private summers” that I was having. I hope this helps. Please let me know how goes for you.

  3. Little Happy dance? I’m sure if you got your book from Amazon; you’ll be doing a big happy dance.

    1. Yup, I’m pleased to report that I did indeed receive my Amazon order and if not for the limited amount of space in my apartment I would have done a big happy dance!!

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