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Sparkling Sundays

Is Wikipedia a Hater?

Wikipedia/Lillian Baker defines fashion jewelry as – costume jewelry, trinkets, fashion jewelry, junk jewelry, fake jewelry, or fallalery is jewelry manufactured as ornamentation to complement a particular fashionable costume or garment[1] as opposed to “real” jewelry which may be regarded primarily as collectibles, keepsakes, or investments. While I think this particular definition of fashion jewelry is rather harsh (I am entitled to my opinion), I for one prefer this to “real” jewelry because I cannot be trusted to not lose, break or otherwise destroy precious keepsakes. Case in point: take my high school class ring that I was able to keep until my early twenties, alas it has gone by way of the dodo bird. So rather than stress over having to maintain jeweled heirlooms I’d much rather opt for Premier Designs, Silpada, Park Lane Jewelry, Avon, Kohl’s Fashion Jewelry, and JC Penney Fashion Jewelry to name a few. I’ve managed to collect some really nice pieces that I’ve had for years and with proper care and storage they will last quite a few more years.

Sparkle & Spice & Everything Nice

I never thought of myself as a girly girl up until a few years ago and the only two things I can attribute this major life’s change to, is – sparkle and vision loss. Not sure in which order these two things came about but I can tell you that it took the astute observation of my middle son, Devon, and my Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor to bring the fact to the forefront that I required sparkle. Devon just came right out and asked me “mom what’s wrong with you? You’re not a girly girl! and my Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor who helped me with this whole vision loss thing told me that people don’t understand how one with low vision can see a coin lying on the floor but yet miss something like, say, a telephone pole. I could definitely relate to what he told me because I can see two things very clearly: sparkly anything and stink bugs (don’t tell anyone though because I think this is my super power) but I’m getting off track.

Necklace is silver-tone metal, crystal stones, lobster clasp, 18” long with 2” extender. 2 stranded earrings are silver-plated metal with kidney wire backs.
Give your dresses, shirts and strapless tops a brand new look with this fabulous crystal collar necklace. Then complete your ensemble with a little sparkle from these tapered strand earrings

On Sparkling Sundays I will share with you the latest in fashion jewelry and, I suppose, I can even extend myself to mention “real” jewelry as well. Believe me it’s not that I have anything against real jewelry (and I’m sure if someone gave me a real diamond, pearl or sapphire, I’d be hard pressed to turn it down) it’s just that I don’t prefer it. I was giddy though earlier this week when an order I placed with JC Penney arrived and to my delight it was my new LacyCrystal Collar Necklace and Rhinestone Strand Earrings (pictured right). The picture does not do justice to the sparkle of these three pieces, especially when the light hits them as just the right angle. They’re very pretty and I can’t wait to wear them perhaps on Christmas Eve or Christmas day.

 If you have never hosted a jewelry show I highly recommend them especially if you’re fortunate to get a consultant who is very knowledgeable. The nice thing about these home shows is that the consultant will demonstrate a number of ways you can wear any given piece and you can have so much fun sharing the experience with your friends. 

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you” ~ Ralph Lauren

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