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Wardrobe Wednesdays

Egotistical Me

The ego can take a serious blow when going through sight loss. Once I got beyond the initial shock of not being able to see, I had questions like: am I going to go completely blind, how will I drive, will I lose my job, how will I work, am I going to be able to take care of myself, how can I go on? I wish I could say that these questions and period of self-reflection was an isolated incident but I’ve found it’s all part of the journey. If the questions weren’t depressing enough, looking in the mirror and seeing how distorted my face appeared was enough for me to just throw in the towel. Then that nagging voice of stubbornness in my head kept compelling me to stay patient, settle my nerves and get down to the business of living even if it meant having to (gasp) use the white cane.

Alter Egos

Early on I had a vision of myself as a high-powered real estate agent or attorney and in my vision, I modeled myself after the likes of Alexis Colby of Dynasty. Even though I am the complete opposite of the character, Alexis, the woman had style. Pictured below is one of Alexis’ signature outfits in black and white. I just love the hat with the white brim and black crown, likewise the top of the dress with long white sleeves ever so slightly puffed at the shoulder and one long black lapel on the right side with a black bottom. Hmmm…maybe this is why I have an affinity for Cruella De Vil and own so much black and white in my closet. I’m sure Dr. Phil would have a field day with why I use analogies containing antagonists but I digress.

Joan Collins

Coming to Terms

After putting myself up against this outfit that Joan Collins is wearing the thought of using a white cane just somehow doesn’t mesh, or does it? What I’ve come to learn on my sight loss journey is that the clothes I wear, just like the skin I’m in does not define me so then why should using a tool that helps me to maintain my independence?

On Wardrobe Wednesdays I will talk about outfits and styles of particular interest to me. Since I’m still new to blogging and learning to use all the tools that WordPress has to offer if you remain patient with me perhaps we can all learn together. This learning will include all the technical aspects associated with blogging like taking pictures, shooting video, tagging, just to name a few. As the blog evolves I’m hoping that we can get to know one another better and build a great friendship.

“There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” ~ Nelson Mandela

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