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Life At 15 Miles Per Hour

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Life At 15 Miles Per Hour

Hundreds of tiny challenges will make up his dream trip.

As Bold Blind Beauty continues blossoming into a rich commUNITY of sighted and non-sighted people of all abilities, so has the reasoning behind its creation. Initially, I wanted to change societal thinking about blindness because knowing the capabilities of my blind friends I had to shed light on the issue.

People tend to think blindness is a dark void as if the lack of sight means the lack of life or the lack of hope. When a person cannot see, how can they possibly function beyond simply existing? The one-word answer is simple – choice.

Through Bold Blind Beauty I’ve been blessed with an extraordinary opportunity to meet, befriend, and share the stories of some of the most remarkable people who choose not to merely exist but to flourish. Each time I hear another story of how someone has taken on and overcome the challenges set before them I get so excited, if it weren’t for the fact that I’d break my neck, I’d shout from the rooftop.

While I mainly feature women here, every great now and then there’s a story so compelling I must share it with you. Mike Robertson of Searsport, Maine has such a story.

Mike, who’s losing his eyesight to cone-rod dystrophy, a hereditary degenerative condition that affects the light receptors in the back of the eye, is about to take on a challenge of enormous proportions. In June, he and Hans Breaux, a friend who will serve as his guide, are about to embark on a 4,000-mile cross-country journey by bike.

After a two-decade hiatus from his love of cycling due to a confidence-shattering auto accident, Mike began riding again a few years ago. Last year with three Treks Across Maine under his belt Mike and Hans created an organization that connects people with massive dreams (who also happen to have vision impairments), with partners who can assist in making the dream a reality.

To learn more about Mike and his journey here’s a link to the article: Two bikes, one decent pair of eyes and a shared vision. Additionally, here are links to Mike’s website and Instagram: Shared Vision Questhowbreaux.

When people say insensitive things to or about a blind person like “wow, you got dressed all by yourself” or “she sings brilliantly, and she’s blind” these comments are demoralizing. Now when you come across someone like Mike who’s going to demonstrate what can be achieved when the will is strong enough, this is a reason to say “wow” not because he’s blind, but just because.

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Two cyclists, one in front of the other. The person in front is reaching back with an outstretched arm to the other cyclist against a rose-colored sunset backdrop.


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